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Changing environment, evolving germs

Clean habit differs from person to person, in todays work, being clean means a place which is safe, healthy and comfortable. Al Nazafat is committed to eliminate germs and virus upto 99.9%.

Germs settle on home surfaces

In today’s world germs are everywhere, and therefore settles on surfaces, to combat them every we must not just clean but also Disinfect regularly.
Family’s health is our highest priority. We therefore say that our products are safe for use, get free facebook likes in all places and surfaces even in areas where children play, learn and sleep.
Please note cleaning is not enough to ensure the one’s health, we have learnt now to ‘Disinfect’ as well. Al Nazafat is dedicated to offer the best range of products, that protects everyone.

Facts about surfaces

In today’s world our work place and home are all prone to germs, from grocery bags to toys to the footwear, germs can settle on multiple surfaces everywhere.
What is important for us is to clean and disinfect these surfaces regularly, ensuring they are safe to touch. Our products ensures that for you.

Not Just Clean Disinfect To Protect

Germs are every where

They Live inside and outside the human body, or transfer onto surfaces, and pass around infectious diseases.

Germs can be categorized in four main types


While some bacteria can be good for us, ‘bad bacteria’ can cause sore throats, ear infections and cavities


These can cause a variety of outbreaks from flu to Measles and Chickenpox


Though many fungi are not harmful to healthy people, others can give us rashes like Athlete’s


These spread through water and can cause intestinal infections such as Diarrhea and nausea

What do germs look like?

They are invisible to the human eye. They are so minuscule that we can’t see them without a microscope! Because of this reasons we don’t know when we have contacted germs that may make us sick.

Where do germs come from?

They’re all around us, in the air, on food, on plants and animals as well as in the soil and water and on all surfaces.

How do germs spread?

Germs can spread in various ways, but mostly through direct or indirect contact:

  • Air: Germs are in the air, spread from sneezes to coughs or even just breathing.
  • Directly: Direct contact with something contaminated. From sweat, blood, salvia to holding hands.
  • Indirectly: By touching something that someone else has touched, like a surface or an object.

How long do germs live?

It is difficult to estimate the life span of germs as this depends on a variety of factors from the type of germ, nature of its environment, like, temperature, humidity and surface on which they are.

Where can germs be found?

Germs are invisible to the naked eye, and therefore they must be lurking.Some spaces that germs tend to hide, with certain tips on what kills germs and how to avoid them.

Public places

  • Office and Work Place: Shared office, supplies are germs magnets, make sure to clean your workspace with AL Nazafat Products.
  • Airplanes: These have closed space with strangers. We recommend you to make sure to clean your surrounding with Al Nazfat Disinfectant.
  • Movie theatres, Parks, Joy rides: We eats snacks throughout in these places, avoid your hands touching your eyes, nose and mouth, be sure to wash your hands or sanitize them thoroughly at frequent intervals.
  • Restaurants: Foods can expose an entire kitchen to germs such as salmonella and shigella. Always clean restaurant floors, wash utensils, and food racks, with AL Nazafat, multirange of Products.
  • The doctor’s office: We share, small space with infectious people, chairs, doorknobs, and surfaces, all are contaminated. Try to avoid touching shared surfaces, wash your hands or sanitize them, if you’re taking your child, try not to use their toys and books, instead bring from home.

The germiest items in your home

  • Our kitchen sponge: Always wet your sponges and place them in the microwave on high power for two minutes. Do this every day, replace used sponge with a fresh one every two weeks.
  • The cutting board: Do you know your cutting board can dirtier than an average toilet seat. Keep it always clean with Al Nazafat Dish wash, and reduce the number of germs that reside on it.
  • Our toothbrush: Our toothbrush is always resting in washroom. Keep your toilet seat close and replace your toothbrush very often, and especially after recovery from any sickness.
  • The kitchen sink: Food particles and it remains are breeding ground for bacteria. Always use Al Nazafat drain opener and Red Surface Bleach and Tile Wash to clean your kitchen sink from remains.
  • Bedsheets and towels: It is proven that germs can live on towels and sheets for days without a host. Always wash bed sheets and towels regularly.

Home Cleaning Tips

Everyone doesn’t clean but everyone loves a clean house. Some tips for you to clean and Disinfect:

No type of flooring material is truly maintenance-free, and same holds true for cemented floors.

  • Use Red Surface Bleach & Tile wash to clean and
  • Use Advance All Purpose Surface Cleaner, to clean and disinfect and get a perfect fragrance.
  • Use Surface and Bathroom Cleaner for freshness and germ

Tabletops! We all love having a clean and spotless table on which we can enjoy a tasty meal. You can use:

  • Use Advance All Purpose Surface Cleaner, to clean and disinfect and get a perfect fragrance, in diluted or undiluted form as per instruction on our product.
  • Glass and Window Cleaner, may be used directly to have a neat and clean look.
  • Dish wash liquid gel is also an all purpose cleaner, subject to requirement you can use to wash using our dish wash gel.

How to clean tile grout

Sorting out grimy grout is an easy way to clean surfaces in your bathroom. However, grout can get dirty, dingy and moldy very quickly. However, with the Al Nazafat Red Surface Bleach and Tile Wash with few simple tips and tricks, can help your tile grout gleaming, in no time.
The best way to clean tile grout elsewhere in the home, use any of Al Nazafat surface cleaner of your choice, with instructions set in product label and get a perfect clean and germ free floor.

How to clean marble floors

Marble, like all other floors, should be cleaned regularly and carefully to prevent staining and deterioration. If your marble floor has become old and dirty, then here is how to clean it and bring back its shine
Use from your choice of surface cleaner as appropriate to clean and disinfect your marbel floors Gently mop the surface and wash if required.

How to clean Porcelain

Porcelain is a common choice for everyday items in the home, from toilets to sinks, bathtubs and floor tiles. However, it’s highly prone to stains that can detract it from its usual bright, white look.

How to clean porcelain tiles

When it’s about cleaning porcelain tiles, we recommend doing it with Al Nazafat selection of surface and bathroom cleaner, that best fit to clean pure hard surfaces and provides long-lasting freshness as well, use instruction from product label.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. So, to keep it clean and organized becomes the topmost priority of every household. Unlike other areas of the house, cleaning the kitchen involves a lot more activities like sweeping & washing, in order to keep it sparkling clean and safe for your family.
One of the main reasons being that food and cooking materials attract germs. From greasy spills to cross-contaminations and leftovers, the kitchen may have more bacteria than any other place in the house.
Hence, to particularly target kitchen cleanliness and Hygiene, use selection of AL Nazafat Products, which will help you and family protected from germs and many other food-borne illnesses.

Do You Really Know How to Power Clean a Kitchen?

AL Nazfat Products helps in 99.9% germ busting


  • From top to bottom, wash surfaces with our products of your choice use as per the instructions given on the pack.
  • Al Nazafat is safe to clean countertops, floor materials, metals (except Aluminum, Brass, Copper) and painted surfaces

Large Appliance

  • Clean the stove with a degreasing cleaner
  • If necessary, take out the burners to clean separately


Before cleaning the gas stove, the inlet of the gas should be turned off to ensure that there is no leakage. Place the burners back to the original position and reinstall the knobs properly to avoid any accidents.

How to Clean Your Kitchen Countertops and Trash Can

The kitchen is a place that hosts conversations, family meals, makeshift art, crafts and much more.

How to clean countertops
As your countertops are so often exposed to food, and therefore germs, it’s important to keep a check on cleaning them, wash surfaces with our products of your choice use as per the instructions given on the pack.

How to clean your trash can
It goes without saying that germs live in and around your trash can., with 99.9% germs free bin.

  • Always use a garbage bag with a lid to keep bad smells contained
  • Opt for a smaller trash can and try to empty it daily

And when it’s time to clean and remove germs from your trash can, remember to use AL Nazafat products as per label instructions.

How to clean cutting boards

When it comes to the kitchen, a quick wipe of your surfaces can’t wipe out the breeding ground for germs. Hence, you need to thoroughly clean it up.

Tips for keeping your cutting boards clean

  • Always air dry your cutting board once finished washing, rather than putting it straight back into storage.
  • Discard cutting boards that become overly worn down over time as these grooves can harness bad

Plastic cutting boards

Plastic isn’t porous, which means that you can choose to wash it by hand. Alternatively, you can also choose an effective cleaner for safe usage but do remember to rinse thoroughly.

How to clean a kitchen sink

Your kitchen sink sinks in a lot of mess. From dirty dishes, food waste to a huge build-up of bacteria. Make sure you pay extra attention to it while cleaning and washing it up. Use Al Nazafat Drain Opener frequently to keep in flowing and germ free.

Cleaning your bathroom is essential, must be followed by every day cleaning routines. Use from range of products from bathroom and surface cleaner to toilet bowl cleaner and if required drain opener, use the product as per instruction as set out in label to have effective and perfect results.

Wipe your taps through pur product for an effective cleaner entrust that germs don’t remain.

Fittings and Accessories
Make sure you also clean your bathroom fittings and door handles weekly to limit cross contamination with an effective cleaner.

Shower curtains and doors
Your shower curtains and doors are most susceptible to getting wet and staying wet, making them magnets for mold and mildew. To keep them from forming, store a small squeegee in the shower and use it to clean the walls and door after every few showers.

What is the best way to clean shower glass?
Make sure you wipe down your glass shower door with Al Nazafat Glass and Window Cleaner after each use, read instructions in our label before use.