Mission & Values

Our Mission

Al Nazafat values family’s health, and therefore, wish to create a protection from illness- causing germs with our mission of


We believe in educating families to not just clean but also to Disinfect To Protect, we are committed to help all , of us working in factories, offices and at home and keeping our colleagues friends, and families and , their loves ones illness free. Al Nazafat wish to Spread the message of “HHH” meaning Healthy Habits Happier Lives.

surface cleaner - al nazafat
kill al germs - al nazafat

Our Values

At Al Nazafat, we believe in keeping our colleagues’ friends, and families and, their loves ones healthy. We are taking initiatives, where everyone in the environment is protected from illness- causing germs.

From the floor where your child crawls, to his toys, to the surfaces where you walk, on we want it to be clean and put in efforts to Disinfect every corner of your surface at your home or workplace. Because, we value you.